The Burberry foundation welcomes two new charity partners in support of youth empowerment

The Burberry Foundation is delighted to announce two new partnerships with charitable enterprises International Youth Foundation (IYF) and OnSide as it enters the next phase of its Responsibility strategy.

With a focus on empowering young people, The Burberry Foundation will work closely with both organisations to support initiatives that help youth across the globe to broaden their employability skills, enhance their creativity and reach their potential.

Caroline Laurie, VP of Corporate Responsibility, Burberry commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with IYF and OnSide. Our commitment to supporting communities is rooted in our heritage and by empowering the next generation and elevating youth voices, we can help our communities thrive. Together, with our combined passion and shared values, we will provide many young people with opportunities to make a positive difference around the world.”

Susan Reichle, President & CEO, International Youth Foundation added: “IYF is proud and excited to partner with The Burberry Foundation to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young people and their communities. Of course, all young people possess amazing potential, but unfortunately not every young person has the same opportunity to discover it—much less unlock it. Together, The Burberry Foundation and IYF—along with amazing community-based partners—will provide young people with the opportunity and skills they need to unlock their creative power. Together, we’ll equip, support, and inspire young people to transform their lives, communities, and the world.”

Kathryn Morley, Chief Executive, OnSide also added: “Youth Zones are safe inspiring spaces designed to support young people to develop their passions and their purpose. Creativity and the arts can have a transformational impact on young people, helping them understand more about themselves, their community and the wider world. We are excited to be working with The Burberry Foundation to unlock the creative potential of young people across the OnSide network through a wide range of innovative projects that will give them new opportunities to create, learn and grow.”

This announcement follows the launch of Burberry’s first social impact report, ‘Positively Impacting 1 Million People 2017-2022’, which details the various programmes and initiatives that Burberry, The Burberry Foundation and a range of partners have supported over the last five years to surpass a goal of positively impacting 1 million people.

Highlights of the social impact report include:  

  • A total of 1.2 million people positively impacted through community engagement programmes
  • Over 33,000 volunteer hours dedicated by Burberry employees to impactful community projects
  • 245,000 people supported through humanitarian relief, COVID-19 vaccinations and other charitable donations

Find out more about our commitment to positively impacting communities around the world in the social impact report here 

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