The Unsung Heroes of MOBO Awards – Tech roles that make the Award a Success

While the MOBO Awards are a celebration of musical skills and creative brilliance, the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes often go unnoticed. In this blog post, we shed light on the tech talents whose innovative contributions are integral to the MOBO Awards’ success. From event technologists to broadcast engineers, each plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide.

Event Technologist/Coordinator: Transforming Vision into Reality

In the realm of event technology, the event technologist stands as a beacon, steering the MOBO Awards towards success. They navigate the sea of available tech solutions, carefully choosing and implementing the right ones. From gathering crucial data to preparing comprehensive reports, these technologists leverage technology to enhance the MOBO experience, both now and in the future.

Audio Engineer: Crafting the Acoustic Landscape of the MOBO Awards

Audio engineers are the architects of phenomenal sound at the MOBO Awards. From capturing pristine studio recordings to adjusting live sound during performances, their expertise ensures a captivating auditory experience for both live and broadcast audiences. The MOBO Awards audio engineer’s meticulous work with microphones, speakers, and mixing boards guarantees glitch-free audio that complements each riveting performance.

Lighting Designer/Technician: Illuminating the Stage with Artistry

Lighting designers are the visual storytellers who set the tone for the MOBO Awards. Collaborating closely with directors and set designers, they conceive a lighting vision that aligns with MOBO’s vibrant energy. On show night, their artistry comes to life as they direct a team to execute lighting looks for presenter walk-ons, performance transitions, and winner reveals. The MOBO Awards becomes an electrifying spectacle, thanks to the skills of these lighting experts.

Video Producer/Operator: Capturing the Magic for Global Audiences

Video producers are the visionaries responsible for bringing the excitement of the MOBO Awards to screens worldwide. From early planning stages to coordinating logistics, they work closely with directors to ensure smooth production. With a keen eye for visual storytelling, organisational mastery, and leadership, MOBO Awards video producers deliver an electrifying viewing experience that does justice to the iconic ceremony.

Stage Manager: The Backbone Orchestrating MOBO Awards Magic

Behind every breathtaking moment at the MOBO Awards, a stage manager serves as the steady backbone. From initial planning to live broadcast, they direct smooth operations, creating schedules, coordinating rehearsals, and ensuring flawless transitions during performances. With rocksteady reliability and robust technical expertise, stage managers are the adhesive binding all facets of the Award.

Projectionist: Visual Artists Transforming Spaces

MOBO Awards projectionists are the visual artists transforming blank spaces into dazzling canvases. Employing technical expertise and artistic vision, they create spellbinding backdrops that complement musical acts. Their cinematic-grade projections infuse performances with heightened drama, delivering breathtaking multi-sensory experiences to television viewers worldwide.

Broadcast Engineer: Technical Wizards Bringing the Show to Millions

Broadcast engineers are the technical wizards responsible for seamlessly capturing and transmitting the MOBO Awards to millions of viewers. With extensive expertise and specialised equipment, they oversee the intricate infrastructure enabling the live broadcast. Their passion for live production values and mastery over cutting-edge broadcast technology bring the MOBO magic to homes worldwide.

IT Support/Network Engineer: Connective Tissue Powering Global Delivery

Behind the scenes, network engineers are the essential connective tissue powering the delivery of the MOBO Awards to millions worldwide. With extensive technical expertise, they design and implement robust networks, ensuring seamless connectivity between production teams, media stations, and vendors. Their invisible heroics deliver the iconic show to eager music fans globally.

Graphic Designer: Visually Captivating the Culture

Graphic designers play a crucial role in visually representing and celebrating Black music culture at the MOBO Awards. Employing artistic flair and technical know-how, they craft visuals that captivate viewers and amplify the ceremony’s vibrancy. Their exceptional designs engage viewers on a deeper level, vividly representing Black music and culture for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Social Media Manager: Amplifying the MOBO Buzz

During the event, social media managers take charge of online engagement. Coordinating with the tech team, they share updates and interact with the audience, amplifying the MOBO Awards buzz across various platforms.

Technical Writers/Scriptwriters: Crafting Clear Communication

Technical writers and scriptwriters prepare scripts for presenters, hosts, and pre-recorded content, ensuring effective communication of technical information.

Security and Privacy Officer: Safeguarding Data Integrity

Security and privacy officers ensure the integrity of data and communication channels, implementing measures to protect against cyber threats and unauthorised access.


Unveiling the technology layers behind the MOBO Awards reveals a sophisticated web of crucial tech roles, from production managers to cybersecurity experts. These roles not only meet but exceed expectations, shaping the future of award shows.

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