Timothy Ogunniyi’s using his data skills to change lives.

“Data is essential for me to achieve my goal: giving back to less privileged teenagers and maximizing their talents by sending them to universities they could never dream of attending and allowing them to play football at the highest level”


Timothy, Applied Intelligence Strategy Consultant at Accenture

Timothy’s passion for soccer took him to the United States, and on his return to the UK, his interest in using data to drive value led him to Accenture. After starting as an Analyst in May 2021, he quickly rose through the ranks with the help of supportive mentors who took an interest in his story. Today, he works as a Consultant in the Applied Intelligence Strategy team, where he continues to learn every day about driving value using data.

Knowing his skills and determination could change lives on another level, Timothy lept into action. Three years ago, he founded the G6:9 Foundation, an international non-profit that aims to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged teenagers around the world. The organisation covers all costs, from passports to application fees, for talented youths to move to the US and play football competitively.
“I call this the snowball effect; I use my connections and resources, and donations from the public, to change one life that then inspires others to make their own changes.” Upon obtaining their degree or professional contract, each teenager is encouraged to give back to their community by assisting at least one other teenager.

Timothy’s role at Accenture, as well as the support in following his passions, has helped him reach this point. Data, and the analysis of it, guides him to make decisions about which locations to hold the foundation’s events in and which communities to target. “Obtaining up-to-date data in less developed countries or communities is a challenge, but we use data to help us pair teenagers with colleges that may require specific types of talent and persuade them to grant a full scholarship.”

Timothy is always looking to improve and is constantly exploring how he can use data to aid donations and funding. He’s a lifelong learner, and encourages you to get involved with his foundation, or let him know if you have advice on how he can change more lives!

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