Otega Ajuchi’s Positive Impact

“My time at Accenture has allowed me to align my personal purpose of promoting inclusion and diversity with building communities.”

Otega has a superpower: his career has a positive impact on the world. As an active member of various committees and initiatives at Accenture, Otega is always striving to create inclusive communities and help young people gain valuable experience in the corporate world. With hopes of utilising his master’s degree in Applied Data Analytics, Otega joined the Careers Change Masters Apprenticeship at Accenture in April 2022. “I wanted to work in technology because I could see that it was the future – I want to be in the thick of it rather than be left behind.”

Currently, Otega is working on planning Black History Month events with the AACN and ABC, two organizations dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He is also collaborating with Teach First, a program that provides young people with opportunities to experience corporate life and gain valuable skills. They aim to combat the digital skills gap and research the state of employability. But his work doesn’t stop there. Otega is also a member of the TAG committee, where he helps create and plan community events in the Northwest. Throughout his time at Accenture, he has held a variety of roles, including Functional Designer and Engagement and Communications Practitioner at the University of Leeds.

Accenture allows their employees an opportunity to pursue ‘Side of Desk’ projects – passion projects that they expend their time and energy on to improve lives. Otega’s main ‘Side of Desk’ since he started at Accenture has been building an internal podcast called Humans of Accenture. His goal with this podcast is to find out more about the humans who work at Accenture. “No matter your role/seniority, there is a human behind the exterior.” Otega’s side of desk work has been significant during his time at Accenture as it has allowed him to share his knowledge and facilitate important conversations on topics such as autism, menopause and race.

Today, Otega works as a Project Manager at the School of Tech, where he researches the state of employability and works with a team to address the digital skills gap. He was even selected as one of five individuals to participate in Accenture’s 2030ME technology initiative, where he shared his goal of leading multidisciplinary teams to solve human-centred problems using technology. But what really sets Otega apart is his dedication to making a positive impact both within and outside of Accenture. He is passionate about serving people and creating inclusive communities, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

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