Where Passion for Equality and Black Excellence Collide: Sha’uri’ Correa’s Story.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to work on projects that change people’s lives – they adjust my perspective and impact me personally in incredible ways”


Sha’uri Correa, Service Designer and Strategist at Accenture

Sha’uri Correa has had an interesting journey to her current role at Accenture. Born and raised in the Netherlands after her family emigrated from Surinam and Curacao in the 90s, Sha’uri was once a professional hip-hop dancer, winning Dutch and European championships with her team. Now, she is passionate about creating consistency in digital services by using a holistic approach that first considers the desires of the end-user, and then builds in organisational needs.

As part of her current role at Accenture, Sha’uri develops relationships and connects with people from different backgrounds and walks of life. She is proud of creating a youth development program, supporting the youth in Liberia in creating a sustainable future through knowledge transfer and mentorship. With the support of the Planet Inaba Foundation, a Dutch foundation that focuses on helping vulnerable youth worldwide, Sha’uri led the Liberia project and created and delivered a 2-week youth development programme in collaboration with two local Liberian youth organisations. The aim of the programme was to provide young people with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and become aware of their talents.

By getting involved, Sha’uri has learned that resources alone aren’t enough to truly uplift Liberian young people – there are also psychological aspects that need to be considered. “The youth in Liberia have been through scenarios unimaginable to us, and they are trying to deal with that mentally while trying to survive.” But Sha’uri’s work doesn’t stop there. She also led the Analyst Black Community (ABC) team for the past two years, which won the Power of Change Award at the 2022 UKI Greater Than Awards. The team demonstrated proactive work towards Accenture’s diversity ambitions and a passion for equality. Sha’uri is proud of everything they did to enhance the Black Analyst employee experience in Accenture, and was recognised at the ABC Recognition Awards for her advocacy for an inclusive and diverse environment. She’s involved in many notable high-impact initiatives, championing the ABC Black Chat initiative, and sharing Black mental health newsletters.

From hip-hop dancing to digital service improvement, inside the office and out of it, Sha’uri uses hard work and dedication to make a difference. Her work with the youth in Liberia and bettering life for her community at Accenture go hand in hand with her passion for creating a better world and a more inclusive workplace.

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