Abidemi Ogunbowale-Thomas: A Game-Changer at Accenture

Abidemi holding a microphone alongside 3 colleagues on a panel

“Together with Accenture, we’re helping people understand how they can deliver on their own ‘unique’ potential rather than beat themselves up if they don’t look like the latest archetype of what ‘normal’ or ‘successful’ is.”

Abidemi has had a positive impact on almost every aspect of life within Accenture since joining as a graduate over 16 years ago. Growing into a passionate culture-maker and disruptive thinking Technology Managing Director after just 14 years. His desire for improving lives is evident in his work, and his achievements have earned him several accolades. It’s no wonder Abidemi is admired and respected by colleagues and leaders alike – he embodies leadership DNA.

Abidemi’s career centres on servant leadership inspired by his Christian faith and is dedicated to helping people become the best versions of themselves including growing into future leaders. He founded Accentuate – an initiative focused on individuals being uniquely relevant yet remaining authentically themselves to achieve success. Abidemi has also coached on a theme he calls HumanByDesign – a way for businesses to enhance adaptability and productivity by becoming more human-centred. Abidemi believes that diverse teams are crucial in creating innovative solutions and that an individual’s differences provide a competitive advantage in the future of work.

Abidemi, a Loughborough University alum and initially motivated to be a professional footballer, has been relentless in his drive for excellence since joining Accenture. Abidemi has showcased his technical acumen in a variety of arenas including conferences, talks, panels, and mentoring. Abidemi also sponsors key initiatives, such as, a summer internship with Accenture’s Early Talent team and Code First Girls for a 46-person all-female cohort, and programmes such as, Mobolise, Makers Apprentices, Paideia Reverse Mentoring, and Accenture Brilliant Futures Experience (for Cloud, Infrastructure and Engineering). Furthermore, Abidemi advocates as a member of the Accenture UK and European Forums and external parties such as, techUK Skills and Diversity Council.

Abidemi successfully created F3, a digital course that trained multiple cohorts of early talent and helped shape course material for the School of Tech for Software Engineering, before delivering masterclasses to 100+ people since its inception. Not forgetting delivering one of the impactful ‘Black is’ video series published on YouTube sponsored by the Accenture African Caribbean Network. Abidemi also delivered various projects through partnerships, such as the ELBA Parity Project, the first Black Tech Fest with ColorInTech, Generation and Reboot.

Most of this was achieved aside from his day job where Abidemi, a confessed tech geek, is a passionate agent of change in the tech industry – blending people management, strategic thinking with innovation, technology, business acumen, creative design, and delivery. Additionally, Abidemi also works with specialist teams to incubate Products and Service ventures for clients.

Abidemi’s outstanding achievements have earned him the Accenture UKI Greater Than Awards 2020 Most Inspirational Leader Award, Accenture Global 2020 Equality Awards Equality Champion UK Award, and a spot on the Empower Global Top 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List in 2020.

Today, Abidemi acts as a bridge between the business and technology, inspiring change for clients in this digital native age. Abidemi’s success is a testament to his hard work as a technologist, and dedication, and passion for improving lives. He is a game-changer at Accenture, and his leadership has made a significant impact on the company.

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