Yetunde Animashaun: Improving The Future, Inside and Outside Accenture

“I find that people naturally gravitate towards me to reach out for support, and I love it! My passion is caring about people and seeing them fulfil their potential.”


Yetunde Animashaun – Technology Delivery Lead Specialist at Accenture

Yetunde is powerful, inspiring, and creative. Growing up on a council estate with her family, she saw the hard work and dedication her parents put into providing for their family. She knew that she wanted a more stable life for herself and them, and that education was the key to breaking free from poverty. Fast forward to today, and Yetunde’s making a name for herself through her determination in and outside of the office.

When she’s not improving the future at Accenture, Yetunde runs a social enterprise called Tech432, which mentors young and at-risk underrepresented groups in London. Her focus initially was on young Black boys, who are at a higher risk of unemployment and underemployment in London. She provides coaching, CV tips and tricks, teaches tech skills, supports job applications and mentors young people at various workshops. Most recently, she conducted a workshop in collaboration with WeShape and London Works, after which, 33% of participants found employment in tech spaces within 2 months. Their next workshop will be with the Black Apprentices Network, Mobolise, and Accenture, where they hope to be able to inspire more young people to change their lives.

Yetunde is also a talented artist who has created personalised canvases for children, and uses digital art to share words of encouragement. She believes having a creative outlet is essential for personal fulfilment – and Yetunde encourages you to check out her work here.

Working at Accenture has pushed Yetunde beyond what she thought was possible and helped her confidence blossom. She values the importance of prioritising her time to pursue her passions and feels challenging herself is crucial to avoid becoming complacent. “My advice for other people would be to take a chance on yourself and do something different – you learn so much about yourself outside your comfort zone.”

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